Sri Lanka is full of wonderful places to visit, but these are some of our favorites.
They are in no particular order as it is difficult to say which is better than the others!



Colombo is Sri Lanka’s biggest city and the country’s political, economic and cultural centre. On the southeastern fringe of Colombo is the district of Kotte, formerly the capital of a major Sinhalese kingdom. Today Kotte goes under the name Sri Jayewardenepura-Kotte and is once again the administrative capital.



Kandy, in climate, landscape and rich cultural heritage has for many centuries attracted travelers from all over the world.

Nowhere is this rich diversity more evident than in Kandy, the charming hill capital and the cultural city 129 km from Colombo situated 465 meters above sea level. The name Kandy is a shorter version of the Sinhala term "Kanda Uda Rata", meaning the land of mountains, which originated in the colonial era.

The capital of the Kandyan Kingdom in the 16th century and the seat of much of Sri Lanka's culture, this Royal City fell into the hands of the British when the last Kandyan King, Sri Vikrama Rajasinha was captured by them in 1815. The city was born in the 14th century and became the capital of the Kandyan Kingdom in the 16th century. Nestling amidst low hills, and looped by the Mahaweli, Sri Lanka's largest river, Kandy is still home to the arts and crafts, music, dance and songs that flourished during the reign of the king their patron.

This beautiful city, with its hills and valleys, rivers, lakes and cascading waterfalls around the hills, has its share of hallowed and living shrines, of the Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and the Muslims in the city and around. But to the Buddhists, Kandy is a Sacred City.


Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage is a government-run elephant orphanage at Pinnewela, which was set up to save abandoned or orphaned wild elephants. Controlled by their keepers to make sure they feed at the right times and don't endanger anyone, the elephants are otherwise free to roam around the sanctuary.